FetLife is the Social Network for the BDSM

The Fetlife is a real social network for bsdm lovers and fetishists. Totally modern and in keeping with the times, this portal offers the possibility of exchanging, publishing its activities, reacting to other people’s naughty publications and integrating profiles with friends. This is convenient in order to know the experience of each other in the BDSM domain. Despite the platform’s theme, the community is extremely tolerant. If you are a regular libertine dating, you can take your mark easily, even being a novice like me. In addition, the members already present will take a pleasure to guide you and to introduce you to their pleasures.

Side profiles, we can note the good design of the latter, all in a quality interface for easy navigation. The fluidity is clearly there. In short, the Fetlife experience can only be positive for you!

How it works

To register on Fetlife, know that there is no need to pay a single dime. However, for men, a single registration entitles only to the limited use of functions. In order to benefit from all the functions of the portal, it is necessary to pay a sum which will change according to the duration of engagement. It is best not to give rates because they can change at any time.

Another interesting point about Fetlife: the possibility of falling on Fetlife actresses. Indeed, this portal is still little known but the first to know it are simply the women of the group. Since they come almost all from the libertine community, there is plenty to do! In addition to this point, know that the operation is ultimately quite basic, as the registration where you will only need to fill in various information: age, username and password.

In just a few clicks, this is it! Indeed, just fill the profile and integrate a photo and a description to register on the portal. As on other dating platforms, do not forget to specify your desires in your description: What do you want? How is your favorite partner? What are your favorite SM practices? Etc.

When you register, you can enjoy a multitude of menus and filters to find the man or woman bdsm of your dreams. Feel free to sort the profiles according to various criteria such as the geographical position. On the site Jacquie & Michel, there is in any case no problem to meet singles located in your city or region. It can still be more convenient for the next events!

The features of Fetlife

Here is a listing of the features available on Fetlife:

  • Search functions
  • Chat (text and webcam)
  • Photo album
  • Instant notification thanks to “kiss”
  • Speedflirt, in the spirit of the swipe Tinder: “he / she pleases me, without way! “
  • Listing and integration of favorites
  • Listing and integration of fans
  • Visitor History
  • Make an advanced search using different criteria: by pseudo, by age or by last connection;
  • Use online chat with messaging and webcam;
  • Have access but also design private albums;
  • Show who you want to meet: single / couple and heterosexual / bisexual;
  • Put your photo forward on the home page to be more visible;
  • Take advantage of the SpeedFlirt (automatic profile proposal system);
  • Use blacklist to block unwanted profiles you do not want to trade with;
  • And finally, getting a surprise gift when one subscribes to a paid offer on Fetlife bsdm.

Interface and use of Fetlife

The interface of Fetlife is sober and functional. The various search functions would undoubtedly gain more, but we must admit that the essential is indeed present with for example the ability to enter different data in his research as the age range, location and the desired relationship. The site is simple and easy to use, just like the functions present. So, whether you are a beginner or a dating expert, you can easily browse the site. Accessibility, know that Fetlife bsdm is easily accessible via all media: PCs, smartphones and tablets. Note however that there is not yet a mobile application to date.

Target and community of Fetlife

Many users of the platform arrive from the portal thanks to the Fetlife site: men, women, couples, etc. One thing is certain: everyone can register on the portal provided they are of age. Tens of thousands of members are present and distributed in the USA.

One of Fetlife’s strengths in the community is that people come from both populated and rural areas. Compared to age differences, know that they are not prohibitive on the portal. You will find everything: as many as 25 year olds as well as older people who want to perform threesomes … The ideal target of the site is a single person of 30 years wishing to meet bsdm. In order for the community to be able to target you, it will be necessary to be precise in your description.

So you have to put as much as you can about your sexual orientation and your practices. If you are dominant, top or mistress, do not hesitate to inform your favorite practices such as spanking, bondage or humiliation. You can also be quite bottom, submissive or slave! If this is the case, do not hesitate to fill in the attributes you prefer: plug-tail, false ears, mask etc. A multitude of other things can be included in your description to help the community to identify: are you fetishist or not? Do you alternate roles? Etc.

How to register ?

People often wonder if there is a kind of free trial period on the Fetlife dating site. You can rest assured that registration on this platform is totally free. In order to register, you only need to enter various information such as username and password. Then you will have to validate a link by email to connect to the portal. Then you’ll just have to give some additional details to check your age. Please note that all persons under the age of 18 are prohibited on adult portals.

When you have registered your free account, you can then subscribe to a paid offer. In short, a free registration, fast and simple to perform. Note also the possibility to register via the social network Facebook.

Fetlife: Benefits

Fetlife has left a certain tone in the exchanges between Internet users. The atmosphere of the site is in any case friendly and without any complex. The traffic is quantitative and qualitative thanks to a huge promotion made by the group. Moderation is also a positive point on Fetlife even if we find fakes but as on almost all modern dating sites.

In addition, like the video site, Fetlife does not abandon the small towns in the USA, quite the contrary. Thus, there is no need to reside near a big city to find bdsm people located near you. Here is a list of the strong points of the platform:


  • A great simplicity of use
  • Possibility to use the site for free
  • True bsdm community
  • Qualitative functions
  • Quality interface